Four-Cornered Villa: Virrat, Finland


Minimal architecture at its best. This Finnish cabin features simple designs, stellar views, minimalistic luxury - sauna included - all sustainably powered by solar panels, heated with efficient insulation and wood fires and features no running water. More impressive is the perspectives that the lines of the house draw your eyes too, as every aspect of design, down to colour choice was intricately thought of. From the lake of this horse-shoe shaped island the black exterior blends into the forest while also absorbing sunlight during the day to maintain warmth throughout the night. Alternatively, standing from within the snow coloured interior is an illusion - the cabin seems to be an extension of the snow-covered landscape. The effect of this all-white decor is not only elegant, but purposeful; minimal artificial light is needed as the interior is illuminated from the reflections of interior or exterior light. 

Architect : Avanto 

Photography : Kuvio