Fly Fishing In The Pacific Northwest


It is hard to imagine a more beautiful geographic location to wet a fly line than in the Pacific Northwest. The fish are big, the rivers are even bigger, and the weather is generally mild. Though it can at times be (very) wet, this is a small price to pay for such pristine natural beauty and endless fishing opportunities. Patience is key - and a virtue when it comes to fishing. You may find fish one day and then return to the same spot the next day to find nothing there. Likewise, just because you didn't see fish in a prime location one day doesn't mean that you shouldn't check back again the next - every river runs different. Find a good reel, a good line, plenty of backing and good company. Whether experienced or beginner, fishing is a primitive skill, yet a nobel one. The hours, patience and dedication bring about a strong appreciation for the food you catch - a respect for what nature is giving you; and a desire to not waste it.