Flora Farms : Organic Desert Farm

Flora farms is a 10-acre organic farm nestled in the desert of the Sierra de la Laguna Mountains in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico. For over 10 years the farm has been dedicated to growing fresh produce without the use of pesticides or genetically altered seeds. Over 100 different varieties of fruits, vegetables and herbs are planted and harvested without the use of machinery. The soil is turned by hand, if at all, to be disturbed as little as possible, and is nourished with layers of organic compost produced on-farm. The farm strives to realize efficiencies between farm, ranch, restaurant and market and since their launch 10 years ago they have expanded to opening Flora's Field Kitchen, Farm Bar and Flora's Grocery - focusing on handmade farm fresh, organic food accompanied by a full-range of fruit and vegetable infused specialty cocktails and wines. Dedicating 100% of its produce for local consumption, Flora Farms is demonstrating the power 10 acres in the desert can have.