The Filson Cruiser Patent: Better With Age

1 Day Old vs 15 Years Old - Better With Age

1 Day Old vs 15 Years Old - Better With Age

In March, 1914, C.C. Filson was awarded U.S. Patent #1,088,891 for his Cruiser Shirt design. It was a time in U.S. history when prospectors braved the frozen hills of the Yukon to seek their fortunes and surveyors worked for days on end surveying stands of timber in the Pacific Northwest.


Like these early adventurers who sought paths with no guaranteed outcomes, Filson was also an entrepreneur, and his original patent illustrates his inventiveness, his functional design sensibility and his ability to meet and exceed the needs of serious outdoor laborers and sports enthusiasts.

This year Filson celebrates 100 years of the original Cruiser Shirt patent. The Cruiser has gone through many iterations, depending on what it was built for: timber surveying, mining, hunting, fly fishing or work wear. What hasn’t changed is its functional heritage: It has always been — and always will be — offered as a tool to be worn outside.

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