9 Gifts For The Knörthern Father


Get outdoors this fathers day. Our top ideas for the Knörthern dad:

1. The Scout Field Bed: Best used by the fire, under the stars. Feel like a cowboy - Cinch the organic canvas denim bed to the back of your pack or motorcycle and camp virtually anywhere.

2. Special Forces 'Desert Eagle' Casing Cufflinks: For hostile corporate take-overs. Guaranteed he doesn't have these.

3. Filson Goatskin Gloves: For the dad that does it all. Shooters, drivers and ranchers alike. 

4. How to Stay Alive In The Woods by Bradford Angier: An indispensable manual for anyone venturing into the great outdoors; teaching you how to catch game without a gun, what plants to eat and not to eat, how to build shelters and much more.

5. Reclaimed Whiskey Dock: For iPhone 5. A stylish, sustainable alternative to offshore mass productions. Handmade from genuine oak whiskey barrels.

6. Grandpa Jakes Campfire Cooker: All meals are better on an open fire. Perfect for rustic cooking in the backyard, or in the back of your truck for luxury camping.

7.  Filson Oil Finish Shot-Shell Bag: Just as good as carrying beer as it is his bird loads.

8. Kletterwerks Hip-Flip: A modern-day rendition of the retro fanny pack. Twice as big; making it perfect for holding your survival kit in the wilderness, fishing gear on the river or camera equipment where every he may be.

9. The Original Filson Hunting Vest: An heirloom sure to be passed back down to you. A tool for the experienced hunter; motivation to hunt for the inexperienced. As comfortable in the woods as it is in the pourhouse.