Fall Camping | Better Than Summer If It's Done Right


Because your love for the outdoors is gonna' make you do what you gotta' do. We're pro squeezing every last bit out of summer - Truth is, when it comes to camping, off season is more preferable - less crowds, less bugs, no unbearable mid-summer heat and you get to view the landscape in a changing pallet of fall colours. 

  • Protect against the rain: Throw in a few extra tarps and stake a tarp out over the top of your tent to ensure that rain won't be coming down into your tent, or making mud around the entrance way. 

  • Don't pick your campsite where excess moss grows - moss growth is an indicator of moisture and wet ground patches

  • Bears and other animals are always a concern when in the wilderness, but they can become even more of a danger in the autumn. As their food supply begins to die off, they become more determined in their foraging. Seal your food in airtight containers, or in your truck if it’s nearby.

  • Bees and wasps get more aggressive in the fall. A shortage of nectar-producing flowers is called 'nectar dearth' . The bees can’t find nectar so they often try to steal it from other hives. This begins a reciprocal aggression cycle in the bees. So bring plenty of homemade repellant. 

  • Spiced wine. Warm whiskey - A few beers. Whatever helps keep you warm, you now have an excuse to drink.  

  • A simple, yet rookie mistake is to not have appropriate sleeping gear. In the mountains, temperatures can drop unexpectedly fast and low. Make sure your sleeping bag is cold weather rated - we always play it safe with a -20 rating.     

  • As we approach winter - wool socks and toques can be lifesavers. Small things matter; and these ones make a big difference in the comfort rating when the cold kicks in.