DIY Mason Jar Light


Apart from pickling, canning and storing, old mason jars are becoming quite popular. They not only make solid drinking glasses that can take a beating, but also can be used to make a quick, decorative and unique lighting fixture. All you will need is mason jar (with lid), a light fixture, bulb and a small cutting utensil. To assemble, the lid itself must have a hole cut out to fit the light fixture and bulb (light fixtures can be purchased from any local hardware stores and are very inexpensive). It is best to draw the hole to fit the fixture, before making the actual cut. If you desire, you can smoothen the edges of your incision using rough sand paper. Now, simply screw your light fixture and bulb into your fitted cut, screw the lid onto the jar, and hang where desired. This process can easily be replicated with standing lamp fixtures. 

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