How To Make Herb Infused Honey


Infused honey is a great addition to your summer charcuterie board, late night tea or home-baked dessert. And aside from a wonderful, delicate flavour it also comes packed with medicinal benefits too (varying by what herbs you use). We prefer a Chamomile Lavender Honey - there is something about the combination that has a strong soothing appeal to it. But feel free to experiment with other herbs such as mint, ginger, rose petals, cinnamon, rosemary, chilli pepper, peach and lemongrass. Using fresh herbs is best - if you grow your own, pick them in the morning so they are as fresh as possible. Chop your herbs into fine pieces and place in a re-usable teabag. Use 2-4 tbsp of chopped herb for a mild flavour, and 3-5 tbsp for a stronger infusion. Fill your containers (mason jars work great) with honey (use a local, organic honey - store-bought if you don't make your own) and immerse the teabag completely in the honey. Close jar and let sit on a sunny windowsill for 1-3 weeks. Taste the honey each week to see when you have reached the desired flavour intensity. 

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