Arvid Häusser : Porcelain Coffee

The porcelain Seppl espresso machine designed by Häusser is one thing we wish we could wake up to every morning. Perfect for the cabin or any home kitchen Häusser designed the machine out of ceramic for the same reason we designed our beer krug; ceramic doesn't conduct heat - meaning it will allow the liquid to keep it's own temperature. Another key characteristic that ceramics offer (that all coffee fanatics should know) is that the porcelain glaze is an antiseptic surface that 'gives a neutrality in taste'. Häusser also detached the components of a traditional espresso machine in an effort to allow users to understand how the process really works. Instead of having the components hidden in a 'fancy' box, each piece is exposed and bares for all to see. One thing is for sure - it is refreshing to see an everyday appliance like this be taken off the counter and given an out--of-the-box design twist. 

To go right next to the Seppl is Kasper; The hand operated coffee-mill. The hopper is capable of holding 250grams of beans while the grounds container will carry enough for four cups. Though neither of these two products are available for purchase yet, it seems Kasper may come to reality in a DIY kit, says Häusser.