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Trout Lake by Olsun Kundig

The buildings recall the agricultural forms of the local built environment, but as is our nature in our designs, we sought to take that context and evolve it to a more emphatic modern language. We sought to design something that was exquisitely proportioned in a quiet, agricultural way.” –Tom Kundig 

This stunning property is located on eighteen acres of rural agricultural property in Trout Lake, Washington. The minimalistic yet rustic design style was built with intention to integrate indoor and outdoor living; a sense of being none with the surrounding landscape. The exterior style of house takes after agricultural structures, with elements of minimalism incorporated in its design, form and materials used; most of the house is finished in low-maintenance concrete, plywood and steel.

Photography by Jeremy Bitterman

Beer Stein Breakdown

Beer stein, or simply stein, is a German derived term for traditional beer mugs made out of stoneware. Stein is an abbreviation of German Steingut  "stoneware", the most common material for the beer mugs before the introduction of glass. The word alone however is not used within Germany, rather "Krug" or "Steinkrug" or Bierkrug ("beer mug") are used. Regardless what you call it, we can all agree it keeps your beer cold. We've strived to design a minimalist Bier Krug suited for everyone's beer-drinking needs. The thick-walled mug locks in the cold, while the ergonomics of the handle and brim allow you to drink beer after beer in effortless ease. 

1. Place your Bier Krug in the freezer, and let chill for at least an hour. Preferably, whenever you are not drinking beer, store it in the freezer. For a quick chill, rinse with cold water and place in freezer for 10 minutes. 

2. Pick up your favourite craft brew - Chill it extensively. 

3. Tilt the Krug, and fill to the brim. The chilled stein will keep your beer cold for at least 45 minutes. 

4. Repeat.

Get yours.

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The Filson Cruiser Patent: Better With Age
1 Day Old vs 15 Years Old - Better With Age

1 Day Old vs 15 Years Old - Better With Age

In March, 1914, C.C. Filson was awarded U.S. Patent #1,088,891 for his Cruiser Shirt design. It was a time in U.S. history when prospectors braved the frozen hills of the Yukon to seek their fortunes and surveyors worked for days on end surveying stands of timber in the Pacific Northwest.


Like these early adventurers who sought paths with no guaranteed outcomes, Filson was also an entrepreneur, and his original patent illustrates his inventiveness, his functional design sensibility and his ability to meet and exceed the needs of serious outdoor laborers and sports enthusiasts.

This year Filson celebrates 100 years of the original Cruiser Shirt patent. The Cruiser has gone through many iterations, depending on what it was built for: timber surveying, mining, hunting, fly fishing or work wear. What hasn’t changed is its functional heritage: It has always been — and always will be — offered as a tool to be worn outside.

Get your Plaid Lined Soy Wax Cruiser or our favorite The Mackinaw Plaid Cruiser Jacket

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Organic Matters : Two Birds Apparel
100% Organic Cotton Natural Crew Neck

100% Organic Cotton Natural Crew Neck

100% Organic Jasper Hoodie

100% Organic Jasper Hoodie

Cotton is one of the most used crops in the clothing industry, comprising of 50% of the worlds fibre needs. It is versatile, comfortable and durable - "the fabric of our lives" if you may. But a dark eye seems to be cast over the toxic measures used to grow commercial cotton. 3% of the Earth's farmland is dedicated to growing conventional cotton. That same 3% takes up 25% of the Earth's insecticide and more than 10% of the world's pesticides - a toxic ratio. Organic cotton is grown without the use of pesticides and harmful fertilizers. Asides from greatly benefitting the environment, supporting organic cotton also supports the small farmers who choose to grow their crops this way; a small, but growing, minority. We've recently teamed up with Vancouver owned and operated apparel brand Two Birds Apparel - an organic, eco-luxury brand who chooses to use only sustainable fibres, organic cottons and 100% Canadian made fabrics. Their entire collection is knit, dyed and manufactured in Canada within a 100km radius using environmentally preferable materials and methods. The result? High-quality casual wear for men that is classic, well fitted and trend-free. Kudos. 

Find their products here or check them out @twobirdsapparel 

We'll also be showcasing their products at the Chinatown Exp. on 434 Columbia St, Vancouver, BC from Dec. 19-23rd. Be sure to stop by, support local and support organic. 

Vintage Moto Helmets

Open-Face Bell not quite quite making you feel like McQueen? It may not make you jump further or change gears quicker, but you may feel just that much more confident. These helmets give you just enough padding to meet that fine line between low profile and long ride comfortable. For the Triumph, Norton and BSA owners check out Heritage Helmets and for those with a Duc or Guzzi take a look at Borsalino Helmets

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Silva Limited Handmade Bamboo Cases

Leather is out, bamboo is in. Built on a combination of love for wood and Apple products, the creator of Silva Limited was inspired to design custom handmade bamboo cases for your Macbook or iPad. The cases provide a "green" cover while maintaing a cool, minimalist feel. Everything begins as bamboo sheets, and the pieces are hand assembled, sanded and oiled while the straps are hand cut from a full hide, burnished and oiled individually. These products are not only made in efforts to sustain the environment, look great and feel great, but are also made to last. Available in various models for your Macbook Pro, Macbook Air and iPad. 

Starting at $129.99

Order Yours

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