Not Everyone Is A Mountain Man; Camping Made Easy For Girls

julia manchik via up knörth

This article couldn't be more spot on! Written and photographed by Julia Manchik of Mr and Mrs Globetrot, while on their two week camping trip winding through some of the best of the PNW. The trip, equipped with gear from Filson, Moment Lens, Stanley, ourselves and others, looks picture perfect - more photos here. And while you can have the greatest gear with you, for women it really comes down to the comfortable (and necessary) toiletry essentials.


Here's a look inside my toiletries bag for 2 weeks of camping and life on the road. I know a lot of girls don't like camping, and I bet this has a lot to do with it. These little luxuries help me feel clean and comfortable and it's worth putting a little time into packing the right stuff. I try to put products into smaller repurposed containers if I can, usually from beauty samples I have used up (the face lotion, the toner, and I now have a smaller spray bottle for the sea salt spray that's pictured).

I hope this is helpful!


- dry shampoo - because you can't shower everyday and your greasy hair will thank you

- homemade sea salt spray - no need for a blow drier, curling iron, or even a brush... just a spray of sea salt

- facial cleansing wipes - for easy washing up before bed in the woods without a sink + soap + water

- personal wipes (not pictured, but they look the same) - for staying clean between showers and hikes

- toothbrush - to remain somewhat civilized

- toothpaste - unless you can grind your own from plants 

- cotton swabs - because earwax

- rosebud salve - for dry spots, blemishes, rough cuticles, lips, etc—so many uses in one tiny tin

- deodorant - so you have no excuse not to hike (not pictured... it was hanging around in the car somewhere) 


- razor - still can't decide if this is a must have or not in the wild (depends how long you're going?)

- toner - helps get leftover dirt/makeup off + leaves your face feeling fresh 

- cotton rounds - to use with toner

- shampoo - if you're lucky enough for a hot shower

- conditioner - ditto

- face lotion - to keep your face happy and moist