Camp Food; Mason Jar Salads

Camp food; Mason Jar Salads.  Photography by  TopWithCinnamon  via upknörth

Camp food; Mason Jar Salads. Photography by TopWithCinnamon via upknörth

Minimal style camping and healthy eating can start to get space consuming. Don't get us wrong, there is nothing dull about grilled meats on an open fire, but it's hard to resist a good hearty salad on the side. Forget plastic bags or separate containers. Make your salads directly in mason jars a day or two ahead, chill and pack with you ready-to-eat. 

Quinoa and roasted sweet potato are delicious at room temperature and keep well if you prepare them ahead of time; so they make a great base for this type of salad. Add some greens of your choice, something to pack a crunch for texture (pomegranate or dried nuts and fruits), add in extra vegetables or beans (carrot, cucumbers, cabbage, chickpeas) and a kick-ass dressing (something sweet, sour and fresh). Pack it loosely so you can eat it straight from the jar and you’re good to go.

Camp food; Mason Jar Salads.  Photography by   TopWithCinnamon   via upkn  örth

Camp food; Mason Jar Salads. Photography by TopWithCinnamon via upknörth

For the salad:

3 tbsp dressing of your choice 

1 sweet potato, peeled, cut into 1/2-inch cubes and roasted 

1/3 cup dry quinoa

1 small carrot, grated, julienned or spiralised

handful of pomegranate seeds (optional)

large handful of baby spinach leaves


Assemble the salad in a jar:

1st layer - 3 tbsp dressing

2nd layer - Carrot, cucumber, cabbage etc.

3rd layer - Quinoa 

4th layer- Roasted sweet potato

5th layer - Pomegranate or dried fruits and nuts

6th layer - As much leafy greens as you can pack in.

Screw on the lid and chill until needed. Shake when ready to serve, or alternatively drizzle dressing on top before serving.  

Recipe inspiration and photography from TopWithCinnamon