Cabin on Femunden by Aslak Haanshuus Arkitekter

Located on the shores of Femunden, a large lake near Norway's border with Sweden, lies this dynamic reconstructed property. The lot used to be occupied by two separate one-room log cabins, one over 100 years old. The owners, looking to preserve the old cabins but increase square footage asked architects Aslak Haanshuus Arkitekter to come up with a design incorporating the two old cabins into a larger, combined structure linked under a common roof. 

The finished project covers a floor space of 915 ft2 (85m2). The largest wing of the house contains an open floor living area, as well as a small bedroom that stretches towards the lake. Large glass windows were used throughout the house to capture ample natural light and magnificent water views. The remaining wings of the house contain the bathroom, sauna, storage and utility spaces. The main cabin and one of the smaller cabins, used as another bedroom, are heated by wood stoves.

Photographs by Tom Gustavsen, courtesy of Aslak Haanshuus Arkitekter.