Haus Linescio : Don't Judge A Shack By Its Cobwebs

Even most world-travellers have never been to Linescio. A micro-village nestled in the foothills of Switzerland. Buchner Brundler decided to tackle the architectural endeavor of repurposing one of village’s most dilapidated homes into a modern minimalistic summer home.

The design was limited to seasonal use, meaning winter insulation was not included - this being primarily for designs sake. The interior does not shy away from modern minimalism, playing with contrasts and powerful combinations of polished concrete, vaulted ceiling, and distressed wooden paneling for décor. Unfortunately (for now) many of the accommodations you would expect in a modern home—weatherproofing or running water are absent. The designers choose rather to emphasize the benefits of seclusion, space and simplicity.

The visual aesthetic of the exterior consists of run down 200-year-old stone masonry, the architects’ vision was to breath new life into the home by giving its interior a complete revamp. The end result is phenomenal - The history of the external shell adds a warmth to the empty (yet beautiful) dwelling. The moral of the story? Don't just a shack by its cobwebs.

Photography: Buchner Bründler Architekten.