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Leaving from the small village of Barcani we were fortunate enough to have a local take us on a trail high above the hills to oversee the rolling countryside, winding rivers and hidden gypsy villages.

This trail lets you see the true life the locals live. While walking though a heard of grazing cattle and wandering though mystical a forest, this land energizes the soul. Though not a difficult hike, this trail provides diverse terrain - from cattle trails to sheep's grazing lands, old logging roads and dry rivers. As we trekked up the hillsides you felt your feet guessing the next step over the uneven terrain, while cowbells chimed in the towns below. At the top of the final clearing (Bancu’s Plain) we were awed and truly rewarded by the unique landscape of this less travelled country. On our descent we stumbled into a forest filled with tall, thin beech trees that let very little light from the blazing sun trickle though. Returning to the town of Barcani we were immersed in the land and the culture, the cattle at pasture not even turning a head as we walked though. Coming down the final ridge, traditional gypsy melodies echoed from a village made of tin roofs that lay in the valley below.

With an elevation gain of between 500 to 600 meters depending on where you go, this is truly off the beaten path. With the route we took being one of many, we recommend taking a topographical map, GPS or a local like we were lucky enough to have! If you find yourself heading this way contact us for a detailed trail guide.