Auto-pilot Angling At The Campsite

Luke Gram Photography

Luke Gram Photography

For hunters, anglers and outdoorsmen bush-hooking is a long-time practice of putting some food over the fire after an unsuccessful hunt; or nice alternative to the dehydrated food many hikers are found with. This method allows the convenience of being able to attend camp chores or go out for the hunt while still technically fishing. 


Find a sapling or flexible limb that is extended over the water a few feet upstream from your desired fishing spot. Make sure the tree or branch is strong enough to put up a fight with the fish yet flexible (much like a fishing rod) enough to make sure the line won't snap under shock. To set up the line (ideally) attach a three-way swivel 30-50lbs. monofilament line. To one end tie a sinker and to the other the hook and bait. If the current isn't strong enough to keep the hook and bait above the river bed then you can rig the line with a float to allow the hook to be at the right elevation. Finally tie the main line from the three-way swivel to the sapling or branch you selected earlier. Check the line every couple of hours and remove the line when your ready to move on. 

*Ensure sure that local wide life regulations allow for this type of angling.