Act Romegialli; Green Box Garden Cabin

Italian design studio act_romegialli repurposed an existing rusting garage shed into an amazing glass micro-cabin. This weekend garden retreat uses a galvanized metal and glass framework built on top of the existing rocks and stone pillars. To add structure (and privacy) to the all glass home, the architects planted a large variety of annual and perennial climbing plants. The result is a hyper organic facade that truly blends and grows with the earth. 

The interior of the garage still partially suits its former use, housing gardening tools for manicuring the yard. The large windows that line the walls now have a living privacy shade made of light-filtering vines. The architects used simple, rustic materials to create a small kitchen for cooking garden-fresh meals.  Reclaimed wooden planks line the floor, while large windows open onto the lush property, connecting the inside to out. The transformation has created an idyllic escape on the client’s property that changes colour and texture with the passing of the seasons