Our Top 7; Why Mountain Air Is Good For You

Up knorth - alpine camp

Not that this is news to us or anyone who spends time regularly outdoors. But there’s something, regardless of the season, addicting once your lungs get the taste. If you still need some convincing, here are our top 7 reasons why we think mountain air is good for you:

  1. We’ll start with something obvious and slightly scientific; mountain air allows you to breathe in oxygen that is mostly free of gasses or air pollution. The fresh air can help respiratory problems, never mind being better for your overall health. Caution; This clean crisp air is addicting - especially if mixed with the smoke of a good campfire.

  2. Most often when you’re in the mountains you do some form of physical activity. This combined with (on average) lower temperatures in the mountains can help you sleep better. As your body works harder, you will be rewarded with a deep ‘post-mountain’ sleep; whether at home or under the stars any true outdoorsman knows what we’re talking about.

  3. This one is truest to us; mountain air gives us a sense of purpose. Whether it’s the air or the surroundings or most likely a combination of both. We feel purpose in the mountains. And it’s not something specific; when we’re in the mountains we feel a strong, general life purpose.

  4. A night in the mountains offers a type of relaxation no spa could ever offer. That overwhelming sense of peace allows us to breath better, heal any stress or anxiety we may have been feeling. Rule of thumb; the longer you stay in the mountains, the less stress you will feel.

  5. Mountains are notorious for pushing us out of our comfort zones, and we love it. Most mountain activities - anything from something as simple as backcountry camping or as intense as climbing a new range - can help us push ourselves and set new limits, based on our experience. For example. backcountry sleeping can be intimidating for someone who has never spent a night in the wilderness. But with the correct levels of preparedness achieving these things we’ve never done can help fill us with accomplishment and feelings of intense capability - feelings that can trickle into other aspects of our lives.


6. Mountain air comes free of distractions; there’s no pollution (yes we mentioned that already). We mean no pollution in the sense of no noise, no cell service, no wifi, no tv, no movies. When we’re void of all these technological distractions, it seems that suddenly the day is so much longer, that we can slow down and take time to enjoy the simplest things that in ‘ordinary’ circumstances we’d rush through or pay no attention to at all - things like slowly brewing your coffee and being mindful of every sip, studying the vistas and surroundings around you and truly taking the time to appreciate the beauty nature is offering us, things like talking to your company and building deeper connections instead of zoning out in front of the TV or our cell phones.

7. Last, and probably most important to us; Mountain air reminds us we’re far out of the city. It’s simple, but effective.