224 Sq. Ft. Cider Box Tiny House

Small spaces, when designed accordingly, can be the ultimate luxury. This 'tiny house on wheels' is no exception: The 224 sq. ft space looks open and inviting thanks to clean lines, smart storage and a polished dark wood interior. Imagine having your personal micro-cabin hauled behind your Land Cruiser or Defender - what dreams (at least ours) are made of.

From the builder: "This house was completed for a customer that wanted to utilize their backyard space for full time living.  We worked together on carefully designing and constructing the perfect custom home for their needs.  It is an energy efficient structure using a wide variety of energy efficiency measures--everything from a well-constructed thermal envelope to the appliances--energy saving was on the mind for every decision.  The main floor boasts 162 square feet with a 62 square foot sleeping loft. The exterior dimensions are roughly 22’l x 8.5’w x 13.5’h. It includes a fully equipped kitchen, washer/dryer combo, lots of creative storage space and a bathroom with a sink, shower & composting toilet. The interior is completely covered in clear vertical grain cedar and has space for a wood burning stove."

Photography provided by Terry Iverson Photography via ShelterWise