Glacier Valley Farm

Tucked away in the Squamish Valley of beautiful British Columbia, Glacier Valley Farm is an owner-operated pasture based farm. Offering fresh eggs, chicken and pork there is nothing to hide as the livestock roam free; allowing the natural cycle of the ecosystem to work as it was meant to. On Glacier Valley Farm “the livestock eat the grass, their manure fertilizes the fields and is broken down by worms & bugs, who in turn add nutrients to the soils which in turn makes the grass grow which, again, the animals love to eat – and the cycle repeats itself.” Their English Black Pig was selected for it’s natural size and efficiency of production on pastures. For the best flavour the Black Pig is fed organic grains grown locally and non-gmo barley from a local brewery. Best of all you can place orders straight from the farm and the men raising your food.

Discovered by Norman T. Vancouver, B.C.