Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast, international traveler or a bit hydrophobic this portable water purification system can save you piece of mind and a few pennies. Have no need to buy bottled water when traveling simply filter water directly into your own reusable water bottle.

The Katadyn Pocket Filter uses a silver impregnated ceramic depth filtration system. This compact, yet robust water filter is effective against bacteria, protozoa, algae and various other disease-causing agents. The ingenuity: a fine ceramic filter simply does not let any particles over 0.2 microns pass into your drinking water. Weighing in at 550g this lightweight filter can pump approximately 1L/minute while maintaining its ‘pocket status’ at 24 x 6 cm (10 x 2. Inches). An impressive 20 year warranty and a lifespan of 50,000L, this product offers you dependability in an uncertain world.

Retail: $370.00CAD

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