The Quoddy Grizzly Boot


A shoe that fits like a glove for your foot. Tried and tested, this boot is functional all seasons - on and off road. Handmade in Maine and custom ordered to fit your personal needs, the Quoddy Grizzly Boot is handsewn footwear at its finest. Based on the classic moccasin with a 6" rise, and a supple deerskin tongue that provides ease of movement while keeping out debris. Their Grizzly model also comes with optimal hand-sewn crepe soles and sheepskin lining for those winter months. Products are backed by a lifetime guarantee to repair, resole or refurbish the shoe back to it's original state at your request. 

"Quoddy harkens back to the time when hand-made was the norm, when output was measured in dozens, not thousands." - Quoddy

Retail: $425.00CAD

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