While on an artisan walk in the Mexican Baja, we stumbled across several artists focusing on modern furniture using raw materials. One artist caught our attention in particular with a dining table design consisting of nothing more than an unfinished, lightly varnished slab of wood. Naturally, we thought, why not do this ourselves?


Fortunate enough to be in BC, we are definitely not lacking beautiful wood. However, taking it one step farther we have decided using local RE:KLAIMED wood and recycled materials would not only be ecological, but also provide a raw yet reformed design for the modern home or weekend cabin.

Our first two pieces consist of single piece cuts from a giant Broad Leaf Maple, cleared 6 years ago in Maple Ridge, for additional farm space. We heard of these pieces that had been sitting in a garage, and immediately thought it the perfect occasion.

Follow us on our expedition to RE:KLAIM.